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And after a massive hiatus, I am back. My feet have barely touched the floor recently and all my friends have developed a nasty eye roll every time I mention how busy I am. I’ll say to you lot what I say to them: I am sorry and I’ll try to be better.

What has been taking up my time? Well, weddings. Specifically ours (mine and Andrew’s, not yours and mine – weird). It’s about 130 days until we say “I do” and we have been in the midst of invitation sending and finalising vendors recently.

When you plan a wedding you start caring about things you thought you wouldn’t. There is a lot of ~stuff~ with weddings, and although Andrew and I have tried to cut through the Wedding Crap (magicians, silverware, £500 wedding cars et al) there is still lots of things we do want that we never realised. One of the things we’ve found that really matters to is flowers. I know, I know. So I thought I’d do a little bit about wedding flowers. It’s Spring, indulge me. If not, come back another time for brownies and burgers chat.

We’re really lucky in that my parents are gardening obsessed. We’re getting married in my parents’ garden and they have been toiling in the garden almost every day for the last six months. The absolute legends. I went down recently and got talked through everything they’ve planted that will be flowering in late August, when we get married. It’s looking incredible.

My Mum also very sweetly offered to help with the wedding flowers. A word to the wise: wedding flowers are eye-wateringly expensive but a good place to cut costs if you’re savvy/have an amazing Mum. My Mum put her through something like 20 weeks of floristry lessons over the winter (not flower arranging – that is something she’s very firm on). She learned to make posies, flower crowns, swags (I don’t know either) so she can help do arrangements on the day.

Additionally they’re growing a lot of the flowers for the wedding in their garden. They asked Andrew and I to look at flowers and point out ones we liked, then very kindly they have adorned the garden with those plants so we can take fresh cuttings to use on the day. My Mum always grows lots of sweet peas, and I love the smell, so there’ll be lots of those in the marquee. I want quite a rustic look to the flowers at the reception.






Although I don’t know a lot about specific flowers, I do know what I like and what I don’t. I don’t want anything too formal, as the wedding isn’t formal really. I also don’t want anything too traditional, like a tightly packed bunch of white roses. They’re great for those who like them, but I am much more chaotic as a person and I want my flowers to reflect our personality (this is the kind of crap you start saying when you are organising a wedding).

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So Mum is doing a lot of the centrepieces, pew ends and things. But I wanted her to enjoy the run up to the wedding and not be constructing five bouquets and 10 buttonholes the morning of the wedding, so I set about trying to find a florist who got what I wanted and also wasn’t ludicrously expensive. After a lot of trawling blogs and google, I found Frida and Sophia, who are sort of local to my parents. As soon as I saw their flowers, I knew they were the right ladies for me. I mean, look at them:

Flowers: Frida & Sophia. Photography: Kerry Ann Duffy
Flowers: Frida & Sophia. Photography: Kerry Ann Duffy
Flowers: Frida & Sophia. Photography: Alex Tenters
Flowers: Frida & Sophia. Photography: Alex Tenters
Flowers: Frida & Sophia. Photography: Alex Tenters
Flowers: Frida & Sophia. Photography: Alex Tenters

For my bridesmaids I’ve asked for a large posy of gypsophila each. I love the soft look of the flowers and it will stand out against the solid-block of colour that is their dresses.


My flowergirl is having something to match them, plus a gypsophila flower crown.



As for mine? You’ll have to wait and see, but here’s some things I love.

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4 thoughts on “Wedmin – Wedding flowers”

    1. Ah thanks Rosie! I didn’t know that’s what your Mum did – how amazing. Her website is beautiful. I love everything! xx

  1. what a kind thing for your mum to do and a really fab way to add a personal touch. We got a good deal with our wedding flowers and I loved them, we opted for white tulips and lillies and added colour with ribbons and peacock feathers. I loved them.

    1. Ah, I love the idea of adding texture and variety with ribbons and feathers. We’re def having some trailing ribbons in there – esp from the flower girl’s crown – I think that looks so pretty.

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