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A break from food for this post. I thought I’d update you guys on wedding plans (weirdly, these seem to be my most-visited posts – what about burgers, guys?!).

Basically, planning a wedding at a venue that doesn’t normally host events is a mammoth task. I know a lot about the following things: marquee linings, generators, luxury mobile toilets and catering kitchens. I didn’t want to know anything about any of these.

There have been fun parts too. Afternoon tea with my bridesmaids and my mum and mum-in-law-to-be, wedding dress shopping and Pinteresting the hell out of everything to name but a few.

We also wanted to send out our Save the Dates nice and early. If the past five or so years has taught me anything, it’s that people get booked up with weddings really far in advance. I speak from personal experience. As we’re getting married on August bank holiday next year, we wanted to bagsy people before they try and book something more fun get booked up with holidays and all that guff. Plus we have invited quite a few people from abroad, so we wanted to give them advanced warning, um, well in advance.

I knew that I wanted to use Little Love Notes for our wedding stationery. The business is run by my good friend Nikki, but it’s not just that she’s my mate – I know she’s an absolute perfectionist and very patient, plus I knew she could turn her hand to any design and make it look spectacular. I wasn’t disappointed. She was so helpful and had loads of tips for things I hadn’t thought of (like you don’t need an invite for every person who is invited to the wedding because most people are in couples so can share – genuinely hadn’t occurred to me).

After a lot of Pinteresting we put our heads together and came up with the following Save the Dates. My friend Bethany is an illustrator, and she created a bespoke watercolour flower illustration for the bottom. I am so happy with them! We’ve had so many compliments. After Nikki had designed the cards, we decided to line all the envelopes with maps. I am obsessed with maps and we love travelling, so it seemed a good theme.


They took ages, as we had to buy the maps (we used map wrapping paper from the map shop Stanfords) and then create a template on card for the size of the inside of the envelope. We then used a guillotine to cut out the shapes from the wrapping paper, and stuck them all in. Andrew decided to choose bespoke maps for most guests, so everyone got a bit of a map that meant something to them – our Irish friend got her home town in Ireland, Andrew’s brother and his sis-in-law got Costa Rica where they went on honeymoon, our friends who live in Kentish Town got NW5 etc. It took him AGES. We kept one of where we got engaged in London (Phillimore Place, yo) for ourselves.


While he was doing that, I used an embosser we’d ordered to emboss our initials and address (which I’ve blurred, it didn’t actually look like that!) onto the back of the envelope. Nikki designed the embosser stamp and we ordered it from Etsy.

And voila! They were done. Now it’s time to think about the actual invitations. Agh!



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