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I am finding it hard to believe that I am getting married this year. People keep saying time is going to fly this year with the planning, and I totally believe them. But also the idea that I will be walking down that aisle, saying those vows, becoming someone’s wife this year – it feels bonkers and amazing at the same time.

I have had a realisation that this is the only wedding I will ever plan though. It’s going to be my only wedding ever. There is no shred of doubt in my mind that Andrew and I will be growing old together and spend our twilight years bickering over whose turn it is to fold the washing (his, always his). And with that realisation came the thought that I should be enjoying this process a lot more than I have been. I’ve felt judged and stressed and overwhelmed the whole time up until now. What will people think of the Save the Dates? Why isn’t the to-do list going down? Do people mean I am being a bridezilla when they say “you’re so organised”? (Answers: doesn’t matter, it is, probably).

So now I am going to try to enjoy it and savour it. And document it more on here. For one, it’ll be nice to look over after it’s all done and also you guys all seem to love the wedding posts judging by the amount of hits they get (thank you!).

So excitingly, today the bridesmaid dresses arrived. Well, one bridesmaid dress arrived. It has made me feel all fizzy with excitement. So let’s talk BM dresses, shall we?

It should be stated right away that my bridesmaids have been a dream in every single way you could hope. They’ve been there where I’ve needed them, they’ve advised when I’ve asked and then been very laid-back and easy-going when required. I love them all more now than I ever did before.

For the dresses I knew they would look incredible in whatever I put them in, and I am not just saying that because I am biased. And they were all really easy about it. I’d show them a picture and they’d say they liked it. I asked over and over if they were sure and they patiently explained that they would definitely say if they didn’t like something.

As brilliant as they are, they are all different with different tastes in style, colour etc. I didn’t want to give them some uniform as I wanted each other their dresses to be suited to the individual. And I didn’t want them all in one colour.





I did loads and loads of research and then my friend (and wedding stationery designer!) Nik told me about TwoBirds dresses.



They’re long (which I definitely wanted them in) and are flexible in that you can tie the dresses in tens of different ways. There was also a good colour palate to choose from. I went with two of my bridesmaids to try them on, and they looked amazing on them. But they were ridiculously expensive (about £250 per dress), and it was just bonkers to think about. Back to the drawing board.

I researched loads more and found an alternative in America who makes the same dresses to order but was much more reasonable price-wise. She also had an even larger selection of colours to choose from. I ordered some swatches and saw the material was exactly the same as on the TwoBirds dresses. I then ordered one dress in mint green for Jo, one of my bridesmaids. The thought behind ordering only was was that if it was horrendous then it’d only be the cost of one dress lost (as they’re made to order, you can’t return them).


The dress came and it’s brilliant. I haven’t seen it on yet, but I have a great feeling about it. I’ll see it on this weekend. EEK!

After I get the go-ahead from the girls, I’m going to order the other three. Two are going to be in a pastel mint and two are going to be a in a dusky pastel rose colour. I’m almost jealous they get to wear them and I won’t, I love them so much. I can’t wait to see which way they decide to wear them on the day.

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