Travel – Why I love it

I’m going to start doing a few travel posts here and there. This is because a) I can do whatever I damn well like with my blog and a) I like to travel. Jeez, who are you, my Mum? (Hi Mum! I’ll phone you tonight, OK?) Mainly it’ll still be a blog about London, but with some travel stuff thrown in for free (it’s all actually for free). Just accept it and move on.

I guess I started to like travelling when I’d just turned 16. About five days after my 16th birthday I packed up my then-shiny, unbattered Karrimor backback and headed to Honduras, Central America. I was with a large handful of people from school, as it was one of those World Challenge things where you go and do some adventure stuff, some volunteer stuff and then whatever else you want – you plan it with your school buddies. We also were with two responsible adults – one of whom impaled themselves on a walking stick. Whatevs.

Anyway, it was really fun. But before I went, every night for about six months I lay awake  in my childhood single bed. As I stared at the artex ceiling, I convinced myself I was going to die while I was away. I didn’t know how, but I was SURE I was going to die. As it happens, I did almost die. Again: whatevs. (Life lesson: never sit on a hornets’ nest – they don’t take too kindly to it)

This is a group of us in Honduras – we’re at the summit of the highest mountain in Honduras after an arduous three-day hike having to carry all our own kit. That’s why we look so miserable. Can you spot me? Clue: I look annoyed and am sitting on the front row in blue. Such a bad look.

What I found I loved about travelling is all those things people always wang on about: broadening horizons, new experiences and keeping you curious. It is expensive though and for that reason I haven’t been everywhere I’d like to go (which is pretty much everywhere). And travelling isn’t always great; it is the best of times, it’s the worst of times. One day you might go through the trauma of seeing a murder victim being fished from the sea (for example) but the next you’ll be diving with sharks. You’ve just got to roll with the punches, and I think that’s quite a good lesson to apply to everyday life when you’re back home.

Anyway, that’s a bit of background and so future travel posts don’t come out of the blue. I’ll post about a range of places I’m going to, as well as my honeymoon when we’re back (eek!) – some holiday destinations and some more “roughing it” travel places. I hope you enjoy reading them.



Funfact: Angie Silverspoon's one-time boyfriend is in this photo. Small world!
Funfact: Angie Silverspoon’s one-time boyfriend is in this photo. Small world! This was in Vietnam.


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