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[Healthy Lifestyle] Top 5… Tips for smoothies that don’t make you vomit

So a lot of you got on the Nutribullet bus over Christmas. Father Christmas really wanted to make sure you guys are getting your five a day. Good for him (and good for you!).

Since then I’ve been receiving a steady trickle of messages asking how to make smoothies so they don’t taste “green”, “gross” or “make me actually almost vomit”. Fear not fitness pups, I am here to help. I’ve whacked together my top five tips on how to make a smoothie that doesn’t seem so bad.

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Photo Round Up!



My first photo round up for you! Sometimes I take photos and they’re not worthy of a whole post (same goes for most of the stuff I post, but hey ho) – so I thought I’d start doing collages – inspired by my lovely friend, Daisy!

Top Row: Cheeseboard to end a hen party, tequila to say goodbye to a dear old friend, my new dog cardigan!, champagne cocktails with a brilliant friend at Bourne & Hollingsworth

Second Row: A card I made (love washi tape!), homemade hodgepodge chicken salad; chicken with proscuitto, tomatoes and white wine cooked by me; paneer curry

Third Row: Planning a trip!, homemade rise & shine muffins, the view from my office window, MEATMarket

Bottom Row: Hen do cupcakes made by Vintage Rose cupcakes, homemade French brioche with warm blueberry compote, lilies from Andrew, champagne at my parents’.

I promise that’s as in detail I’ll ever go about cupcakes! Bit of an eclectic mix of stuff there.


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