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The Made in Chelsea drinking game

I’m at the stage where most of my friends are either getting married or already are married. This means I have a comprehensive knowledge of what to expect from hen dos, favours and songs all wedding bands play (My Sharona is a key stage in all nuptial celebrations).

It also means I have watched my friends fall in love and become husbands and wives, and that has doubled my number of friends immediately. Wonderful. And in one particular case it means my best friend from uni, Vinay, has had to start watching his wife’s TV shows, including Made in Chelsea. Every time I see Vin he complains to me about Made in Chelsea, which he should know is idiotic as I am obviously a massive fan.

He’s also taken to texting me about it…


On receiving this I had two startling realisations:

1. Vinay should give up his career as an accountant and become a reviewer for the Radio Times
2. Maybe Made in Chelsea needs to be made more fun for long-suffering people who have to watch it but don’t have a clue what’s going on

Enter Hedges (that’s me). I’ve devised a little Made in Chelsea drinking game, because if you’re not getting wasted on a Monday night what’s the point of life, really? This is a really novel idea. I’m sure no one has thought of it. You’re welcome, internet.

Every time these events happen, take a classy slurp of your champagne/gin/White Lightning:

- Someone says, “I’ve got to get out of London.” (They’ve got it like, soo tough)












– Mark Francis hands out some lifestyle tips:

- Jamie Biscuits tells a girl he loves them.

– Alex Mytton’s hair looks ridiculous:article-2599272-1CEADFDF00000578-45_634x357

- Louise cries:
louise thomson crying made in chelseaSource

- Spencer looks smug (you’re gonna be wasted):

- A tiny, ugly dog appears at an inappropriate time. Down your drink if it’s with Binky or Cheska:
Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 13.36.17

- Sam Peg-Teeth makes you cringe:

- Lucy Watson shows her disgust with a facial expression:

– Someone doesn’t get invited to something:

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