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Travel – A Finnish summer


I love London, but man it can grind you down. The dirt, the people, the noise. It’s unrelenting. Sometimes I crave lush pine forests, clean air and only the sound of birds tweeting in the trees. It sounds like a fictional place, but a few summers ago I found out this Disney-eque utopia exists, and it’s called Finland.

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Photo Round Up



Time for another photo collage (aka lazy post!).

Top Row L-R: Wild swimming in Finland, a lovely Kentish wedding with my honourary sisters, throwback photo of Andrew and I in the Cook Islands in 2006, beautiful saris at an Indian wedding.

Second Row L-R: Stroking a red squirrel (so cute!), Andrew and I in Finland, Andrew wild swimming with his mum and a friend, a birthday message from Greece by lovely friends.

Third Row: A rainy day in the Finnish archipelago, throwback photo of my family and Disney land, Andrew and I selfie!, my Dad’s amazing BBQ ribs.

Bottom Row: My uni bestfriend’s wedding (and Andrew and I), mehndi for the said wedding, hen do in London, making new friends at a wedding.


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