Restaurant Review – Suttons & Sons, Stoke Newington High Street, N16

This week heralds a very important time in the British foodie diary: National Chip Week. Us Brits love chips, right? Fish and chips is a national dish, chip butties invoke memories of childhoods, order a sharing bowl of chips in the pub and it’ll wolfed down by your friends before you can say, “Greedy rats!” To celebrate, Andrew & I decided to head to a lovely fish and chip shop in Stoke Newington.

Sutton & Sons is located on Stoke Newington High Street almost directly opposite it’s brother operation, Sutton & Sons fishmongers. Look for the lovely kitsch neon sign.


The welcome was so lovely – warm without being all up in your grill (or should that be ‘fryer’? Ho ho ho. I’m here all week folks…). Long wooden benches line the tile-walled restaurant, which is clean, bright and airy and a far cry from your standard chippy.




There’s loads of blackboards in the restaurant listing the specials, catch of the day, wines – yep, Sutton & Sons does wine, beers and even fizz. My preference for fish and chips is with a side of champagne, but this was a Saturday lunchtime so I went for a Fentiman’s Victorian Lemonade, while Andrew had some American pale ale, which he really liked. It tasted like beer to me.


Right, so on to the food. There was SO much choice from traditional fare to modern seafood dishes. We really were spoilt for choice.


To start we decided to share a pint of prawns. It arrived super fast and was presented really nicely without being overly fussy.




The prawns were so fresh and sweet. I also loved the naughty white bread and butter on the side. We were given lemon and lime to squeeze over them, aioli for dipping and an all-important finger bowl for our messy paws. It was so fun peeling them all together – I know some people hate that part (hi, Mum!) but I kind of enjoy the savagery. We reminisced about when we had prawns on a cruise around the Whitsundays in Australia when we were much younger. The prawns were delicious, but it was a disastrous trip in many ways (the ship’s wheel broke and all the food got smashed, plus we were on a boat with loads of people who couldn’t swim – who goes on a snorkeling trip when they can’t even swim? I despair of the human race, I really do). Anyway… we were happy at Sutton’s. Look:



Well, he doesn’t look happy here, more surprised. But he was happy, I assure you.

Then our main course came. I went for cod and chips.

Look, I know there’s a lot about sustainability and eating fish responsibly. But I also know it’s a bit of a murky area if you’ll excuse the pun and what one group says is fine another says it isn’t. But Sutton & Sons fish is responsibly sourced. So I felt OK ordering cod.


The chips were excellent. Unfortunately they look slightly pale here, but they were perfect really. Soft and fluffy on the inside, releasing clouds of steam as you bit into them. The fish was as good as any I’ve ever had – sweet and flaking perfectly. The batter was good too – really crispy with no hint of sog. I didn’t eat all the batter though, because, y’know – wedding dress.

Andrew went for a lobster sub.IMG_5178


I had a little bite and it was seriously rich – very generous with the lobster. But absolutely delicious. He loved it:


Sutton & Sons was my ideal chip shop – clean, fresh and friendly without being too slick. I’ll definitely go back for more, but maybe after I’ve squeezed into my wedding dress.

Good news hipsters! Sutton & Sons have just opened a second branch at Shoreditch Box Park. Chips and beards for everyone! Hurrah!

Service: 5
Venue: 5
Value: 5
Overall: 9.5/10

Sutton & Sons, 90 Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 7NY

Nearest tube: Finsbury Park (32-min walk) (GET A BUS!)

View my food journey on Zomato!

Suttons & Sons invited me to review their restaurant, but this by no means guaranteed them a favourable review.

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