Restaurant Review – Petek, Stroud Green Road, N4

The mixed shish from Petel

I needed cheering up last night, so Andrew suggested going out. I thought about where I wanted us to go. Somewhere warm, friendly, with good, reasonably priced food. It was no contest – Petek won out.

Since moving to Finsbury Park, Petek has fast become my favourite restaurant. It’s a lovely, large-ish Turkish restaurant on Stroud Green Road. Outside, when it’s sunny, people sit on the chairs and tables and sip their delicious cocktails. Inside, there’s a busy atmosphere and decor, which never fails to bring a smile to my face – the twinkling lights dangling from the ceiling, the happy but bustling waiters. It’s just brilliant OK. And the food is also absolutely delicious.

As soon as you’re seated, you’re brought a huge basket of freshly baked, warm flatbreads with a chilli-tomato salsa and some beautiful gleaming gems of olives.



The portions at Petek are more than generous, but I never learn and always dive into the bread basket with wild abandon.

The delicious complimentary chilli salsa. It's addictive.
The delicious complimentary chilli salsa. It’s addictive.

We can never resist ordering their fresh, homemade baba ghanoush, which is fresh and creamy with a wonderful olive oil zesty zip. It comes in a huge bowl and is a pretty big feast in itself.

Petek's homemade babaganoush. 'Scuse boyfriend's hand - he just couldn't wait.
Petek’s homemade baba ghanoush. ‘Scuse boyfriend’s hand – he just couldn’t wait.

Petek does a large menu of grilled meats and hot and cold meze. The grilled meats come in all varieties and I’m yet to find a disappointing option. Last night I went for their mixed shish.

The mixed shish from Petel
The mixed shish from Petel

This comes with a huge salad, both chicken and lamb grilled shish, yoghurt sauce, rice and pita bread. It was delicious. I’ve never had better grilled meats, and the rice is always perfectly cooked and steaming.

I cannot remember the name of Andrew’s dish, but essentially it’s grilled chicken in a tomato sauce, with rice and yoghurt and grilled veggies. He said it was excellent too.


This massive meal, with two drinks, came to £40. More than worth it. I’m just planning on when I can go back next.

Service: 5

Venue: 5

Value: 5

Overall: 5

Petek, 96 Stroud Green Road, N4.

Nearest tube: Finsbury Park (5 min walk)

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