This is me!

So although there is a bit on this site about me, I thought it would be rude to not introduce myself! So hello, I’m Zoe. I’m at the “wrong” end of my 20s and work as a journalist/writer/editor in London. I live with my boyfriend, Andrew, in Islington, London.

This is Andrew and I together. See, he’s real.

This blog is basically going to be a creative outlet for me. Although I write every day, I never feel like I’ve said everything I want to! Bad luck, guys. Hahaha, errr…

So on this blog you will be able to find brunch ‘n’ burger reviews from restaurants across London, rants about rude members of the public, pictures of cool dogs I meet and some television recommendations. There might be other things too, let’s just let this organically unfold, yeah?

Welcome to the Z Factor anyway, I hope your visit is pleasant. Why not introduce yourself in the comments?

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