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[Healthy Lifestyle] Top 5… Tips for smoothies that don’t make you vomit

So a lot of you got on the Nutribullet bus over Christmas. Father Christmas really wanted to make sure you guys are getting your five a day. Good for him (and good for you!).

Since then I’ve been receiving a steady trickle of messages asking how to make smoothies so they don’t taste “green”, “gross” or “make me actually almost vomit”. Fear not fitness pups, I am here to help. I’ve whacked together my top five tips on how to make a smoothie that doesn’t seem so bad.


1. Use enough liquid. Right, I think some of you are putting in too much veg and fruit and no liquid. This way leads to mushy paste. This is not palatable. Stop the madness, people. You need to pour in a generous glug of your chosen liquid. I used coconut water, but you could use normal water, almond milk. Whatever your poison, I recommend you chill it first. Chilled smoothies taste a lot better than room temperature ones.

Raspberry, celery and orange smoothie (with plenty of coconut water)
Raspberry, celery and orange smoothie (with plenty of coconut water)

2. It’s all in the balance. Do not just use a truck load of kale and nothing else. It will taste rank. If you use a wider variety of fruit and veg you’ll get a wider range of vitamins and minerals from it. It’ll also taste a lot better. Use fresh fruit where possible, but a few frozen berries do help things a bit. Other great fruits are pears, apples, kiwi fruits. I use bananas sparingly as they have that weird consistency when they’re blended. That being said, don’t use just fruit – even though smoothies contain fibre to help you absorb the vitamins, fruits are packed with sugars. The more fruit you have, the more sugar. That make will your blood sugar spike then crash and start a cycle of you craving food (sugar). Bad.

Green smoothie
Green smoothie

3. Boost your smoothies. After I’ve added in the fruit and veg, I also add a couple of boosts. These are so-called super foods. I’m not sure they all work, but I’m not sure they don’t either. There’s definite benefits to adding a good-quality omega oil blend to your smoothies (it doesn’t make them oily, I promise). I also add baobab fruit powder, which is meant to be some wonder fruit that boosts energy, your immune system and helps maintain blood sugars. It also tastes really good, which is the main reason I add it. I put in spirulina if I am feeling brave. I hate it (use it VERY SPARINGLY – like, a teaspoon), but it has all these health benefits that I could do with so I add a bit in every once in a while. Other stuff I add is bee pollen, chia seeds and hemp seeds. You can get most of this stuff in a regular supermarket/Ocado – if not, Holland and Barratt will hook you up for sure (other health food shops are available).

Green smoothie with spirulina (bleurgh)
Green smoothie with spirulina (bleurgh)

4. Don’t expect miracles. Smoothies aren’t the secret to eternal youth, you aren’t drinking liquid God extract. It’s great for you, but you won’t see your skin suddenly start to glisten like a Twilight vampire after three kale smoothies. Most of healthy lifestyle is about consistency – sticking with it. If you keep plugging on with the smoothies slowly you’ll notice your nails are growing faster, you’re less hungry at 10am (if you have a smoothie for breakfast) and you have more energy. It also helps if you don’t supplement your smoothies with a truck load of processed, overcooked food the rest of the time. Try making healthier choices all the time, not just relying on smoothies as a quick fix.




5. Don’t go in all guns blazing. It might take a while to acquire a taste for smoothies. Especially if you’re not a big fruit or veggie lover. You can work your way up to the more hearty all-green chaps. Start gentle and make sure you use ingredients you actually enjoy – it’s not meant to be a punishment.


I’d love to hear what they are if you get a chance – I’m always looking for new combos myself.

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