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So I’ve been working out. I go to this amazing bootcamp class (I am not on commission, I swear). However, if I am doing burpees at 7am in the pouring rain, I want to be getting the maximum out of my work out. Together with Sybille, my bootcamp instructor, I’ve been looking at modifications to my diet to make sure I am getting all the nutrients necessary to maximise the results from my workouts.

I’ve been looking to eat food that helps maintain my insulin levels. Basically if you have high blood sugar levels then your pancreas will be triggered to create insulin. High levels of insulin in your blood stop your body using fat for fuel. And that means you’re not burning fat, even if you’re working out like woah. POINTLESS.

So I’ve created this smoothie that is positively packed with ingredients that help you maintain your blood sugar levels and will prevent high insulin levels.


This means that have a low GI index – how very 2008 of me. Here’s the not-quite-science-bit-cos-I’m-not-a-scientist bit:

Kale – ah kale, is there anything you can’t do? Kale – and any green leafy veg – is great for maintaining blood sugar levels because it’s packed with vitamins and insoluable fibre. Fibre will slow the absorption of carbs into the body, which will keep blood sugars low.

Broccoli – this is an excellent source of high-quality carbohydrate (non-starchy veg = go to town on eating them). They’re crammed with vitamins and have minimum impact on your blood sugar.

Blueberries – berries have a low GI index, meaning they don’t impact blood sugars too much. Some scientists recently did tests that showed blueberries actually helped diabetic patients maintain their blood sugar levels – and you can’t argue with science (unless you’re a Christian).

Strawberries – although strawberries are high in fruit sugar, these puppies actually have a low GI index and contain beneficial plant chemicals that may help minimise any increase in blood sugar.

Chia seeds – the wonder seed, these little guys contain loads of fibre and omega-3 oils, which lowers blood sugar. Bon.


On to the recipe, shall we?

Blueberry super smoothie
Serves 2



- 1 large handful of kale
– 5 florets of broccoli
– 1 small handful of blueberries
– 4 strawberries, hulled
– 1 tbsp chia seeds
– Coconut water


- Whack all your veg/fruit/seeds in a blender, top up with coconut water. Blitz until it is a drinkable consistency. 

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