Dog Spot – Circle Line, London Tube

My favourite London tube dog spot.
My favourite London tube dog spot.

I’ve got a confession. I love making friends with strangers dogs when they’re not looking (and I really hope that isn’t some unintentional double entendre). I also try to take photos of them. Yeah, the more you read of this blog the more you’ll realise I am a totally creepy person.

Now I am going to share all my sightings with you. Here is my favourite London underground dog spot – four of the little guys! This man has my dream job – hanging out with dogs. Well I assume that it’s his job. I like the grumpy border terrier at the back best.

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5 thoughts on “Dog Spot – Circle Line, London Tube”

  1. I DO THIS TOO. I saw a great half-asleep dog casually sitting on top of its owner’s handbag on a train seat the other day. I had to take a photo of her sleepy face immediately.

  2. i try and communicate with just dogs minus their owners sometimes too. one of my techniques is to try and whistle so high-pitched that only the dog will hear me and come to me. i haven’t had great success with this.
    This blog is great, you have a really good way of making things funny. you should probably get the islington gazette to name drop you!

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