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One of the perks of food blogging in London is meeting lots of lovely new people. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some wonderful bloggers and PRs since I started The Z Factor. And the other night a few of us got together to sample the delights of 64 Degrees in Pimlico.

I ventured there with Angie from Silverspoon London, Rosie from A Little Lusciousness and Emily from Curious London. A bevvy of brilliant bloggers.

64 Degrees has two sites; one in Brighton and one in London. Created by chef Michael Bremner, 64 Degrees puts the emphasis on food and puts the kitchen as the focus on the restaurant. In the London site you can literally sit on the pass and have a ring-side seat as the chefs work their magic. They’ll interact with you and even give you little sneaky tasters.

Us guys decided to tuck ourselves away so we could really chat and marvel at the food in our own little bubble. Speaking of bubbles, as Angie was first to arrive she ordered a glass of champagne and I was hot on her heels and seemed rude not to join her for some fizz. And it was a great way to toast finally having met up, as Angie and I have been like ships in the night at events for the past 12 months.

64 Degrees also has a really great cocktail list, which I didn’t get chance to sample even though lots caught my eye.

IMG_4991As the other ladies arrived we turned our attention to the menu, which the staff were only too happy to talk us through. The food is rustic sharing plates with a focus on seasonal foods.


We decided to get one of everything. Yep. We are foodies by nature, and everything sounded too good.


IMG_4995Haddock goyza were delicious. Really crispy and lovely on the outside, with pockets of steam and sweet haddock inside.

IMG_4997These are oysters, which I passed on.


This was beef tartare with a stylish snap. All the components around the dish are parts you normally find in traditional steak tartare. I have to say at this point the wait staff were AMAZING and talked us through every dish, patiently waiting for a pause in our conversation to tell us about the next offering.

IMG_5001This is leek and shallot with garlic ganache. It was sublime. Probs not one for a first date, as it wasn’t exactly a breath freshener, but so good.


This is romanesco, pineapple, bergamot and granola. I can’t remember what this one was like – bad blogger. But suffice to say, it probably wasn’t the stand out dish of the night.


Next up was espresso pearl barley risotto, which tasted like, well, coffee risotto. It’s not for everyone – an acquired taste, let’s say – but Angie loved it.

IMG_5010This is scallops with butternut squash, almond and roe. It was delicious – the scallops were soft and buttery with the squash providing lovely nutty undertones. I could have merrily had a massive plate of this.

IMG_5012This is knödel, cos and smoked butter. Oh boy, it was amazing. Knödel are poached potato dumplings, although these look a bit fried? Anyway, they were delicious – the potato wasn’t smooth like a croquette, and a lot firmer in texture. And let’s take a minute for smoked butter… OK, moving on.


This is pork belly, apple, black pudding and lonzu. Lonzu is a cured, salted ham from Corsica. This was a properly pig-orientated dish. The lonzu was insanely good and happily the pork belly wasn’t too fatty (when belly is 50:50 fat to meat it makes me feel a bit queasy).

IMG_5015This is venison saddle, beetroot and olive. It was deliciously rare and gamey, with a lovely earthy balance given by the beetroot.

IMG_5018We were then treated to an off-menu item, which was stuffed herb (I can’t remember the name of the herb, but it only grows on the coast and had been foraged) flowers with bacon and little nuggets of pork. It was incredible. So rich but well balanced. It felt really nice to get a special treat. Obviously the chefs at 64 Degrees love showing off their passion for food and their evident skill.

IMG_5017Pudding was rum gummy bears, which they should really start selling at WH Smiths and other confectioners. It’s your standard gummy bear infused with rum. What is not to like?

64 Degrees is a great little restaurant that I am sure is on the brink of becoming impossible to get a reservation at. It’s doing so many things right, it’s hard to find any fault, so I shall stop looking.

Service: 5
Venue: 4
Value: 3
Overall: 8.5/10

64 Degrees, 52 Cambridge Street, Pimlico, London SW1V 4QQ

Nearest tube: Pimlico (10-minute walk)

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